Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guide to the ABS Data Warehouse

This guide consolidates the various posts on this blog concerning the ECB's ABS Data Warehouse.  As disclosed previously, your humble blogger has an interest in this data warehouse having originally proposed the idea prior to the credit crisis.

In addition, your humble blogger designed and patented a data warehouse and related information infrastructure that has the flexibility to provide market participants with current asset-level performance information for all types of structured finance securities and covered bonds.

My Idea
The ECB's ABS Data Warehouse was My Idea
Implications for ECB's ABS Data Warehouse of US Government Suing Wall Street Over RMBS Deals
40+ Firms Would Like to Build ABS Data Warehouse, Only My Firm Has

Will It End the Buyers' Strike?
The Choice for Restoring Investor Confidence is Between Current, Free Performance Data or Stale, Costly Performance Data
Why the Sell-Side's Proposed Data Warehouse Will Not Restore Investor Confidence
Will Buyers Return Knowing That Data is Being Withheld?
Buy-side Responsible for Losses under the ECB's ABS Data Warehouse

Data is Worthless if not Trusted!
European Commission Wants Clarity on Lack of Conflicts of Interest in ABS Data Warehouse
European Commission Wants Conflict of Interest Free ABS Data Warehouse
The Data Warehouse is not Valuable if the Data is not Trusted

Three Stikes and Market Group's Version of ECB's ABS data warehouse is out
Why the Market Group's Version of the ABS data warehouse should fail
European Commission Raises Stop Sign for Firms with Conflicts of Interest in Data Warehouse
US SEC confirms once-per-month data is too out of date to be useful
Strike Three or why the issuer always pays for disclosure

As the Only Buyer, ECB Looks for Exit
Given Its Exposure to Structured Finance, ECB Needs Data Warehouse
ECB Wants Transparent, Market-Driven Selection Process for Firm to Build and Manage Data Warehouse

Value of my firm's patent for an ABS Data Warehouse
Sapient Global Markets selected to build ABS Data Warehouse

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