The Queen's Question

According to a Financial Times column, in the fall of 2008, the Queen of England put the economics profession and global financial policy makers and regulators on the spot with a simple question.  At the London School of Economics she asked, "if things were so large, how come everyone missed them?"

Regular readers know the answer lies in the failure to provide market participants with all the useful, relevant information in an appropriate, timely manner as required under the FDR Framework. 

They also know that your humble blogger was among the handful that did not miss what was happening and said before the crisis began that the impact of the crisis could be moderated with disclosure.  

Since the solvency crisis began in 2007, your humble blogger has said that we would remain in a downward economic spiral until such time as disclosure is addressed.

The solvency crisis has not ended, just ask the Europeans or look at the massive amounts of monetary and fiscal stimulus.  Just as I predicted at the start of the crisis, the downward economic spiral immediately resumes in each country that adopts austerity (sigh!).

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