Friday, July 15, 2011

Analysts begin the process of analyzing disclosure included with European stress tests

A UK Guardian blog on the release of the European stress test results documents the observation that analysts are interested in and fully capable of changing raw data into information.

3:20 pm

But Sony Kapoor, MD of Re-Define, an economic think tank, says the unprecedented level of detail contained in the stress tests will be a "real punch" that'll lead to a roller coaster few days.

"The EBA has done everyone a big favour by shining the light of transparency on opaque risks in the European banking system."
"The next few days are likely to deliver a roller coaster ride as the new information contained in the stress tests is digested and everyone waits for EU policy makers to make up their mind on Greece."
"The bank-sovereign links that the stress tests reveal means that the pressure to sort out the Euro crisis and put in place a good bank resolution framework will increase sharply."
5:00 pm data is released

5.24pm: FT Alphaville is updating the capital shortfalls as we speak [and making them available to all market participants.]

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