Sunday, January 15, 2012

With no other sources of funds, Eurozone bank borrowing from ECB set to soar

According to a Telegraph article, Eurozone bank borrowing from the ECB is set to soar.  This is not a surprise since without ultra transparency there is no way for investors to assess the risk of these banks.

In fact, as Eurozone bank borrowing from the ECB continues to soar, it becomes easier to require ultra transparency.

It is easier to provide ultra transparency because when the funding comes from insured depositors and the ECB the funding will not "run" away when the true extent of the losses hidden on and off the bank's balance sheet is revealed.

Eurozone lenders' borrowing of long-term central bank funds is expected to more than double to over €1 trillion (£828bn) next month when struggling banks will be handed another lifeline by European authorities. 
Use of the European Central Bank's three-year funding programme is expected to exceed €500bn in February when lenders are offered their second chance to access its new long-term refinancing operation (LTRO), according to Credit Suisse. 
Last month, banks borrowed a total of €489bn using the LTRO, which has effectively seen the ECB take on the role of providing a large part of the funding required by several eurozone banks....
The ECB's decision to increase its exposure to banks has effectively seen it provide the "bazooka" markets had been urging it to use to help stem the debt crisis.

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