Monday, October 22, 2012

Anthony Jenkins: Barclays needs to put ethical behavior at the heart of what it does

As reported by the Telegraph, Barclay's new chief executive, Anthony Jenkins has called putting ethical behavior at the heart of everything Barclay's does.

Everyone knows that the best way to achieve this is for Barclays to provide ultra transparency and disclose on an ongoing basis its current global asset, liability and off-balance sheet exposure details.

With this disclosure, transparency can act as the best disinfectant of bad behavior by bankers.

It is amazing how a culture changes when everything you do today is known by everyone tomorrow.

So the question is Mr. Jenkins, when is Barclays going to start providing ultra transparency?

He made the remarks in the context of discussing shareholder value, which he said only came from long-term sustainability. 
“It has to start with well-run, ethical organisations, that has at its core a sense of purpose, a sense of values, that the organisation itself holds itself accountable for," he said. " 
Purpose defines what an organisation will do, won’t do, and how they will do it.”

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